Some survivors pride themselves with the ability to withstand physical pain; they see it as a sign of strength. They keep going in spite of injuries, illness, and symptoms that would otherwise sideline most people. This ability to ignore pain contributes to the delusion that other problems will also go away if only ignored long enough.
The Right to Innocence by Beverly Engel (via mindfulaide)
I’m on my side and that’s enough.
Faith, BtVS (via estrellaesperanza)

I’m not saying DON’T ask for help: I’m saying you should learn how to be your own best friend. You can still argue, but be supportive.

You can handle this. YOU are strong. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Don’t tell yourself any different.

No matter how much help you get: at least 90% is still up to you, to try things that help you recover.

Homework- Make a playlist of any combination of:

A) FUN music (ex: for beach trip)
B) work-out music (picks you up)

C) strong “ego” music (think Missy Elliott or BEP’s ‘Imma Be’)

D) music about life and the future

E) angry music (anything from D-Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl” to Eminem, but try not to trigger yourself.)

OR mix of any above!